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Laguna Motorcycles, Maidstone is home to all of our new Yamaha Motorcycles, and many incredible finance offers. We have an excellent representation of the Yamaha range and are very proud of our association with this world-renowned brand. Our highly trained and enthusiastic team of sales staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have and lead you in the right direction to make the purchase that is right for you.

Our parts, clothing, service and workshop staff are all also highly competent in satisfying your needs regarding any further Yamaha products or after-sales services you may wish to purchase.


What's New

To read about the latest news, promotions and events from Yamaha UK - please click the tab above and visit our news pages to feed your Yamaha knowledge.

Take a look at our new bike section in which you can check the specifications of the bike of your interest, and check out the other models in the Yamaha range.

Yamaha and Laguna Motorcycles have also introduced a wide array of incredible money saving finance offers, so do read on and see what's going on in store. What once seemed to be a distant dream could now become a reality!