Tue, 07 Feb 2017

2017 YZF-R1M - New Range of Vibrant Colours

2016 has been another highly successful year for the 'tuning forks' brand, and once again Yamaha has underlined its position as the leading manufacturer in the European motorcycle market.

For 2017 the limited edition YZF-R1M will once again be available exclusively via an online ordering system that goes live on October 11th 2016. Customers are advised place their reservations as soon as possible in order to secure this exclusive limited edition track and race bike, which also entitles owners to a place on the 2017 Yamaha Racing Experience.

Over the last 2 years the Yamaha line up has seen the introduction of many exciting and innovative new models that have really caught the imagination of today's riders, and for 2017 these will be available in a range of vibrant new colours.

Please click on the link to see full details of the YZF-R1M online application process, as well as the full range of colour options for Yamaha's 2017 Supersport, Hyper Naked, Sport Heritage, Adventure and Sport Touring models.

Click here to view the 2017 YZF-R1M