Driven by a high-torque, 689cc, 2-cylinder engine, equipped with a special optimised transmission that gives you the ideal balance of power and control, this rally-bred long distance adventure bike is built to master a wide range of riding conditions on the dirt of asphalt. The compact tubular chassis and slim bodywork offer maximum agility during stand up or sit down riding – and long travel suspension and spoke wheels give you the ability to get to anywhere you want. Just fill up and go. The Next Horizon is Yours.


689cc 4-stroke CP2 engine, with high torque.

Lightweight double cradle tubular steel frame.

Slim, compact and ergonomic body and seat.

Aggressive, rally-bred face, with 4-LED headlights.

Adjustable, long-travel, 43mm upside-down forks.

Remotely adjustable rear suspension.

Rally-style cockpit, with tapered handlebars.

21-inch/18-inch spoke wheels, with adventure tyres

Slim, long-range fuel tank, with 16-litre capacity

Compact, rally-style, multi-function instruments.

Switchable ABS, for on-the-fly adjustment.

Screen and handguards give good rider protection